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Travels & Documentation

PowerStars2024 ensures safe and organized travel for all participants:

International Travel: Flights to Europe (Russia and Poland) arranged by our travel team Local Transportation: Shuttle services between training facilities, accommodation, and match venues in Europe

Required Documentation:
  • Travel Documents: Valid passport, visa for Russia/Poland
  • Medical Records: Up-to-date vaccination records, medical insurance
  • Consent Forms: Parental/guardian consent for minors
Competition and Exposure:

Players will participate in various tournaments and leagues

Support Services

Educational Support: We prioritize the holistic development of our players

Safety and Security: Emergency, Health and Safety Protocols: Dedicated support team available 24/7. Access to psychologists and counseling services

Physical Therapy: On-site physiotherapists for injury prevention and recovery

Career Planning:
  • Workshops: Career guidance and life skills workshops
  • Mentorship: One-on-one mentoring from professionals and industry experts
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